The return of the vain son

Barely the father walked through the interior door into his flasher, luxurious and beautifully decorated study, his face brightened. He cried out his greeting and embraced his son, notwithstanding Sir Cupcake in his arms. Even the cat stroked his head before he kissed the son's forehead. He had not seen his only child for a year, and naturally he had missed him. Adam noted that he did not mind that he was standing in his office without permission, but today is probably an exception.
The father immediately smiled with a smile and spoke quite jovially about Adam's mother and golf, which she began to devote very recently. He pulls out of the bar behind his splendid work table a carafe with a fifty-year-old Scotter and has two glasses. Adam is not enough to wonder; Before he left, he was not allowed to taste egg cognac for Christmas. But it is also true that when he left, he was only a fresh twenty. Now it's a year older and a richer title.