Tatra Plan Krasne

You should have breathed away from the bustle of the big city, and you should at least take a moment to fill and relax on the most peknom mieste, najradšej in a beautiful nature? This is what you have to do with the Ponúka.
Invite Priateľov
Let's have a nice hotel in Krásnom, and you will have a conference, and you'll be sure to have a nice drink. The beauty of the tunajšej nature and the hospitality of the hotel. Taste the delicious, tasty edible, masterminds you will get our Kuchár, make delicious desserts and enjoy a moment with a Svojho voľna. And you are in our Hoteli, you can take care of us your priateľom and Kolegom at work. The hotel is well-attended by Ubytovanie v Origo Hoteli. Iste is a great tip for you, so please do not let us know what to do with our holiday.