Mácha Lake

Are you looking for some lovely magical place to relax and recharge your forces? One of those where you may be returning sometimes is Mácha lake.
Mácha Lake, otherwise known as Mácháč, can be found in the southwestern part of the Liberec region. Máchův region, however, its southern part-Kokořín-also extends to the Central Bohemian Region. The lake and the region were given its name by an important representative of Czech romantic poetry, Karel Hynek Mácha.
The heart of Mácha's region
The centre and heart of Mácha's region are Doksy, where we can find our Czech sea, Mácha Lake. The area is worth visiting the region of Kokořínsko and Dubské Switzerland. This landscape area will enchant you, come and check it out on your own skin and see the Splendour with your own eyes.