Granny Above all

With grandma, we were always very close. From the Mala I visited her regularly on her cottage in the countryside, where I was pleased to assist her with the care of the garden and the processing of the various herbs that she had grown on it. Now that some people have drugs in the word of cannabis, they don't know anymore that there is a THC-free technical cannabis that can be legally cultivated and has a number of positive medicinal effects. Grandma knew it, she knew its effects, and her mastic and tincture was renowned.
Continuation of Footsteps
I decided to continue her footsteps. Marijuana seeds are a plethora of varieties – grandmother counseled to choose and I could start nurturing. It didn't take long and the first tea and shampoo were n world. The grease is on the line and can be used successfully in the kitchen. Thank you, Grandma!